Laziest Way to Make Money in 2024

Laziest Way to Make Money in 2024

In a world where the hustle and bustle of everyday life often consume our time and energy, the idea of making money with minimal effort is a tantalizing one. While there are no surefire get-rich-quick schemes, there are some ways to earn money without breaking a sweat in 2024. This article explores the “laziest” ways to make money this year, providing options that require little effort and minimal time commitment.

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Laziest Way to Make Money in 2024
  1. Online Surveys and Market Research: Participating in online surveys and market research studies is a popular method for earning money effortlessly. Many companies are willing to pay for consumer opinions and feedback. You can sign up for websites and apps that offer surveys in exchange for cash, gift cards, or other rewards. While the income may not be substantial, it’s a simple way to make some extra cash during your downtime.
  2. Passive Income through Investments: In 2024, various investment opportunities make it easier to generate passive income. You can invest in dividend stocks, real estate investment trusts (REITs), or peer-to-peer lending platforms. These investments can provide regular returns without the need for active management. While there is an initial effort to set up these investments, they require minimal ongoing work.
  3. Rent Out Your Space: If you have a spare room, parking spot, or storage space, consider renting it out. Platforms like Airbnb, Turo, or even just offering your extra storage space through apps like Neighbor can generate income with minimal effort. These platforms handle the logistics, leaving you with a relatively hands-off income stream.
  4. Cashback and Rewards Programs: Many credit cards and online platforms offer cashback and rewards programs. By using these cards for your regular purchases, you can accumulate cash or rewards points without changing your spending habits. Over time, these rewards can add up and provide you with a passive source of extra money.
  5. Dropshipping and Print-on-Demand Stores: Setting up an online dropshipping or print-on-demand store allows you to sell products without holding inventory or dealing with shipping. Once you’ve set up your store and marketing strategy, most of the work is automated. The dropshipping model allows you to partner with suppliers who handle the product fulfillment, while print-on-demand services print and ship custom products on your behalf.


While there’s no magical path to instant riches, the year 2024 offers numerous opportunities for those seeking to make money with minimal effort. The methods mentioned in this article, from completing online surveys to passive investments, renting out space, using rewards programs, or starting an e-commerce venture, can provide additional income streams with little day-to-day effort.

Keep in mind that the amount of money you can make from these methods may vary, and it’s essential to choose the one that best aligns with your interests and resources. What’s crucial is to approach these opportunities with realistic expectations and understand that any form of income, even if it’s the “laziest” way, usually requires some level of initial setup and maintenance.

So, if you’re looking to add a bit of extra padding to your wallet without sacrificing your precious free time in 2024, consider exploring one or more of these lazy money-making options. Who knows, with time, your financial gains may exceed your expectations while you kick back and enjoy the fruits of your minimal labor.

Online Surveys and Market Research

Online surveys and market research are essential tools for businesses of all sizes. They can help you to learn more about your customers, their needs and wants, and their perceptions of your brand. This information can be used to improve your products and services, develop new marketing strategies, and make better business decisions.

Here are seven key benefits of using online surveys and market research:

  1. Gather data from a large and diverse audience. Online surveys allow you to reach a large and diverse audience of potential respondents, regardless of their location. This is because online surveys can be easily shared online and via social media.
  2. Cost-effective. Online surveys are a relatively cost-effective way to conduct market research. There are a number of free and paid online survey tools available, and the cost of creating and distributing an online survey is typically much lower than the cost of traditional market research methods, such as focus groups and phone surveys.
  3. Quick and easy to administer. Online surveys are quick and easy to administer. Respondents can complete surveys at their own convenience, and the results can be analyzed quickly and easily using online survey tools.
  4. Flexible and customizable. Online surveys are flexible and customizable. You can create surveys to collect any type of data that you need, and you can customize the look and feel of your surveys to match your brand.
  5. Anonymous. Online surveys can be anonymous, which can encourage respondents to be more honest in their responses.
  6. Real-time results. You can view the results of your online surveys in real time, which can help you to make quick decisions about your business.
  7. Actionable insights. The insights that you gain from online surveys can be used to make actionable decisions about your business. For example, you can use the insights to improve your products and services, develop new marketing strategies, and make better business decisions.

Passive Income through Investments

Passive income is money that you earn without having to actively work for it. It can be a great way to supplement your regular income or even replace it altogether. One of the best ways to generate passive income is through investments.

Here are seven ways to get started with passive income through investments:

  1. Invest in dividend-paying stocks. Dividend-paying stocks are stocks that pay out a portion of their profits to shareholders on a regular basis, typically quarterly. This can be a great way to generate a steady stream of passive income.
  2. Invest in real estate investment trusts (REITs). REITs are companies that own and operate income-producing real estate, such as office buildings, apartments, and shopping malls. REITs are required to pay out at least 90% of their taxable income to shareholders in the form of dividends.
  3. Invest in peer-to-peer lending. Peer-to-peer lending is a type of lending where individual investors lend money to borrowers directly, without the need for a financial institution. Peer-to-peer lending can be a good way to generate passive income, but it is important to carefully research the borrowers before lending them money.
  4. Invest in high-yield savings accounts and certificates of deposit (CDs). High-yield savings accounts and CDs offer higher interest rates than traditional savings accounts and CDs. This can be a good way to generate passive income, but it is important to note that interest rates can fluctuate.
  5. Invest in bonds. Bonds are essentially loans that you make to a company or government. In return, you receive regular interest payments and your principal investment back at the end of the term of the bond. Bonds can be a good way to generate passive income, but they are also subject to interest rate risk.
  6. Invest in annuities. Annuities are insurance contracts that guarantee you a stream of income for a set period of time or for the rest of your life. Annuities can be a good way to generate guaranteed passive income, but they can also be complex and expensive.
  7. Invest in rental properties. Rental properties can be a great way to generate passive income, but they require a significant upfront investment and ongoing management. If you are considering investing in rental properties, it is important to carefully research the market and to develop a sound business plan.

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Rent Out Your Space

Renting out your space can be a great way to generate extra income, especially if you have unused or underutilized space. Whether you have a spare bedroom, an empty garage, or a backyard you don’t use, there are many different ways to rent out your space and make money.

Here are seven tips for success in renting out your space:

  1. Choose the right platform. There are a number of different platforms where you can list your space for rent. Some popular options include Airbnb, Vrbo, and Peerspace. Choose a platform that is right for your needs and target audience.
  2. Take high-quality photos. Your photos are one of the most important factors in attracting renters. Make sure your photos are clear, well-lit, and showcase your space in the best possible light.
  3. Write a detailed description. Your description should include all of the important details about your space, such as the size, location, amenities, and any restrictions. Be sure to highlight the unique features of your space that make it stand out from the competition.
  4. Set competitive pricing. When setting your price, be sure to consider the location of your space, the amenities you offer, and the rates of comparable listings in your area.
  5. Be responsive to inquiries. When potential renters contact you, be sure to respond promptly and answer their questions thoroughly. This shows that you are serious about renting out your space and that you are committed to providing a good experience for your guests.
  6. Screen your renters. It is important to screen your renters carefully to minimize the risk of problems. Be sure to ask for references and check out their social media profiles. You may also want to consider requiring renters to purchase travel insurance.
  7. Be professional and respectful. When interacting with your renters, be sure to be professional and respectful. This will help to create a positive experience for your guests and encourage them to leave positive reviews.

Cashback and Rewards Programs

Cashback and rewards programs are a great way to save money and earn rewards on your everyday purchases. These programs can be offered by credit cards, debit cards, banks, airlines, and retailers.

Here are seven benefits of using cashback and rewards programs:

  1. Earn money back on your spending. Cashback and rewards programs can allow you to earn money back on your everyday purchases, such as groceries, gas, and travel. This money can be redeemed for cash, statement credits, or merchandise.
  2. Save money on future purchases. With many cashback and rewards programs, you can redeem your rewards for discounts on future purchases. This can help you to save money on the things you need and want.
  3. Get rewarded for your loyalty. Cashback and rewards programs often reward customers for their loyalty. For example, some programs offer bonus rewards for spending a certain amount of money each month or for using your card at participating merchants.
  4. Earn travel rewards. Many cashback and rewards programs offer travel rewards, such as miles or points that can be redeemed for flights, hotels, and car rentals. This can help you to save money on your next vacation.
  5. Get access to exclusive benefits. Some cashback and rewards programs offer exclusive benefits to their members, such as early access to sales, free shipping, and travel insurance.
  6. Improve your credit score. Using a cashback or rewards credit card responsibly can help you to improve your credit score. This is because credit card companies report your payment history to the credit bureaus. A good payment history can help you to qualify for lower interest rates on loans and other forms of credit.
  7. Budget easier. Cashback and rewards programs can help you to budget easier by tracking your spending. Many programs provide you with a statement of your rewards each month, which can help you to see where you are spending your money and make adjustments to your budget accordingly.

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Dropshipping and Print-on-Demand Stores

Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method where a store doesn’t keep the products it sells in stock. Instead, when a store sells a product using the dropshipping model, it purchases the item from a third party—usually a wholesaler or manufacturer—and has it shipped directly to the customer. As a result, the seller doesn’t have to handle the product directly. The biggest difference between dropshipping and the standard retail model is that the selling merchant doesn’t stock or own inventory—they act as the middleman.

Print-on-demand (POD) is a type of dropshipping where the seller doesn’t purchase physical products, but rather prints custom designs on products, such as t-shirts, mugs, and posters, when a customer places an order. The seller then has the product shipped directly to the customer by the printer.

Benefits of Dropshipping and Print-on-Demand Stores

There are a number of benefits to starting a dropshipping or print-on-demand store, including:

  1. Low startup costs. You don’t need to invest in any inventory upfront. This makes dropshipping and print-on-demand stores a great option for entrepreneurs who are on a tight budget.
  2. Easy to start. Dropshipping and print-on-demand stores are relatively easy to start. You don’t need any special skills or experience.
  3. Wide range of products. You can sell a wide range of products, including physical products and digital products.
  4. Flexible business model. You can run your dropshipping or print-on-demand store from anywhere in the world. You can also set your own hours and work as much or as little as you want.
  5. Scalable business model. Dropshipping and print-on-demand stores are highly scalable. As your business grows, you can simply increase the number of orders you place with your suppliers.
  6. Low risk. There is relatively low risk involved in starting a dropshipping or print-on-demand store. You don’t have to invest in any inventory upfront, so you don’t have anything to lose if your business doesn’t succeed.
  7. High profit margins. Dropshipping and print-on-demand stores can offer high profit margins. This is because you don’t have to invest in any inventory upfront, and you don’t have to worry about the costs of shipping and handling.

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